Santa Fe Symposium 2010 Countdown

by stevenadler on April 17, 2010

Celebrating 24 years, this educational, non-commercial event is the highlight of opportunity for jewelers worldwide to gather and share their advances in our trade.
Highlights this year and among the brightest our industry has to offer in a variety of fields.

  • Dr. Mark Danks •  Johnson-Matthey  “How Manufacturers Can Become Responsible Suppliers in a Green-Conscious World.
  • Dr Ulrich Klotz •  Research Institute for Precious Metals Chemistry, FEM on The Role of Process Parameters in Platinum Casting
  • Katherine A. Radavich • University of Wisconsin-Madison • USA on The Use of Metallographic Etching As a Decorative Surface Treatment For Jewelry
  • Dr. Filipe Silva • University of Minho • Portugal on the Use of an Induced Solidification Process To Reduce Casting Defects
  • Arthur Skuratowicz • Anton Nash, LLC • USA on Ergonomics and Efficiency At the Jeweler’s Bench
  • Jim McCreight • PMC Guild • USA on PMC®: The Clay That Just Might Change Jewelry
  • Nora Isomäki • Beneq Oy • Finland on Thin-Film Anti-Tarnish Method For Silver

If you are following my blog with an interest in jewelry manufacturing technology, the Santa Fe Symposium provides the best opportunity I know to network with the experts. There is still time to register and join us next month. Hope to see you there




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