Jewelry Cad Dream 2015: JCD and ZW3D makes the impossible possible.

by Allan Straton on July 5, 2015



I am Allan Stratton.

I have been in the jewellery industry for 47 years.

Cad makes the impossible possible.

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How is this possible.

For a start.

With Cad, you can create anything your brain imagines or dreams.

I go back to the old days and the old static forms of Cad.

In the old days you made hand made patterns. Everything that was cast in bulk came from handmade patterns, copies of old handmake patterns that had been cast or through a wax pen that you could create patterns.

Now I include old jewelry cad programs that have static files. Files that cannot alter. Files that have not been created with changeable History Files.

You sold through catalogues, samples and internet web sites.

Why do I bring this up?

Let me explain.

In the old days (Before Cad) production rings for example when ordered were sized in wax before casting by placing a piece of wax in the shank to size it or after casting was either sized up via hammering, stretching or cutting and soldering metal in the shank.

The hand made patterns were moulded in rubber and waxes formed to create your ring through lost wax.

The same is true for static cad files.

You could not alter the static item.

What you created is what you got.

If  a customer wanted something changed for a different stone you virtually have to start from scratch.

Most of these items you see on line is what you see is what you get.

In Cad they will sell STL files for printing.

Again what size, shape and ring you see is what you will get.

This is were the miracle begins with Jewelry Cad Dream and ZW3D software.

The end of other methods is only the beginning with JCD.

With dynamic history you can alter everything and 3D print and cast it  exactly to what the customer wants.

That means that all the rendered photos that you sell from can be altered.

Still don’t see the advantage.

Jewelry Cad Dream now has a Counter studio.

Still cannot see the advantage.

All the files you create on JCD can be displayed to shops client or internet sites can also be change to be specific to a customer.

The more files that are created this way with give complete flexibility to the consumer.

Even if the retail clients cannot do Cad they can use the advantage of the program.

Next to JCD will come direct editing.

With changeable files direct editing will allow the consumer to cut drop and paste.

That will allow retailers to twink the rendered items to virtually construct an item.

These will be able to be transformed into the items of the clients dreams into reality.

Isn’t that magic.

Its making the impossible possible.

And its available now although the cut drop and paste is not.

JCD has the beginning of a library of alterable files that can be changed in any way.

Mr Stuller has Countersketch and Rhino Gold has a library of alterable files that only can be purchased at a cost.

Matrix has static files.

Jewelry Cad Dream has the Jewelry Studio that any designer that has purchased Jewelry Cad Dream Professional and Jewelry Cad Dream lite can alter with dynamic history till their hearts content, print, cast and finish themselves.

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This means that I can make one diamond ring and change the setting to hundreds of different shapes and sizes.if you want to.

At no other time has the jewellery industry been given tools and machines to take its skills to everyone.

Up to now you had to spend lots of money on new technologies to achieve little.

You have paid lots of money to get skill cad designers bespoke patterns for your customers.

And then paid a lot of money to get the cad designer to alter your patterns for another customers wishes.

And what about the countless customers who don’t quite like what they wanted  or the ring didn’t fit as they wished and want you to change it slightly at your cost.

Have you paid money on getting your jeweller to make the changes.

Now you can create anything  you want and print it out in resin to make sure it is exactly what your customer wants.

Change the file with to get it exactly right and to create alterations with ease.

Advice to the old top bench tradesmen. This is not to replace you. It will enhance your skills to give your clients exactly what they want and if you need to alter your file you can

And change your library over and over again and with the added studio its going to get a lot easier

Great that your skills are fantastic and you can call yourself a master jeweller.

If I had have been creating master patterns digitally like we all created at the bench years ago then master patterns could be altered today to suit the current market.

No more keeping expensive master patterns.

No more having problems sizing.

No more having to replace rubbers.

No more having to spend hour altering the pattern the old way.

Most jewellery programs are like your old master patterns.


By static I am saying you cannot alter them like the old expensives catalogue to sell your items.

Jewelry Cad Dream 2015 software changes everything.

Its digital and the files have dynamic alterable history.

With this program and the master skills I acquired years ago this program is a dream.

Digital alterable inventory that is available to the younger generation, then they could still be using today’s files in the future.

With the history this program has got and the network that is available today these files will be available forever

. My skills that I am so proud of die with me.

This is why this program is the future of jewellery.

The other programs that we though were fantastic aren’t powerful or flexible enough.

You have a dynamic history in Jewelry Cad Dream that is not available in the other low end programs.

So if you rent this program you can try the new program.

The new 2015 Jewelry Cad Dream program which was released three weeks ago addresses this.

To get into this order the Lite version is only US$2500.

The Professional is dearer at US$5500.

They have a STUDIO which is included.

What are you waiting for?
A true top end Jewellery Design program that will set you up to design exquisite jewellery.



and free yourself from problems other jewellery cad programs create.

Jewelry Cad Dream software is being upgraded constantly.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Allan Stratton

Auckland New Zealand

Special Promotion code NZ1001


Manuel Angel Piñeiro Solsona



directly to

Jewelry CAD CAM Masters


Email –
Phone –800-537-8346 USA- 561-444-3741 outside USA

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