Crafters of California — in the beginning

by bevludlow on October 27, 2008

I am in the agonizing, but fun, initial steps of creating a new site for Crafters of California. The first part was easy! I had a great idea, a web site featuring only California crafters, artists, photographers, anyone who makes their own product, is serious about sales, and who lives and works in the state. What is unique to this site is that the artist doesn’t need a web site, an email address, or even a computer to be listed. I knew I’d hit on a good idea when was available, so I grabbed it. Yippee, I’m on my way!

Then the hard part, the site itself, the brochurenew artisan site and application forms. Its always the details…. I rather liked the brochure, but the website was boring; I got bogged in details, and couldn’t think of a good design. Then, in comes the helping hand of Virginia Vivier of the Ganoksin Project. What a gem! She looked at my site and gently said, “I visited your new site and see that it is a ‘work in progress’.” Then she said to call. When we talked she gave me some fabulously helpful hints for improvement.

I’m soon off to the Fotolia and other site to look for California images, then the new site updates will begin. I’ll post updates here as the site evolves. In the meantime, I invite anyone to check out the site as it is now, and if you’re a California jeweler, I’d love to have you list.

Please pass the word to other fine craftsmen you know. (And please, I use the word ‘craftsmen’ in it’s wonderful, pre-politically correct form: “one who is excellent at one’s craft,” so don’t send “I’m offended” comments about the term. Any other comments or tips would be greatly appreciated.




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