Protecting Your Ideas in a Digital World…

by Robyn Hawk on December 8, 2009

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know by now that one of my heroes/mentors is Seth Godin. Today his blog post was so important and rang so true for me that instead of writing a post I am directing you to his blog.

Seth’s Blog : How to protect your ideas in the digital age

If we’re in the idea business, how to protect those ideas?

One way is to misuse trademark law. With the help of search engines, greedy lawyers who charge by the letter are busy sending claim letters to anyone who even comes close to using a word or phrase they believe their client ‘owns’. News flash: trademark law is designed to make it clear whomakes a good or a service. It’s a mark we put on something we create to indicate the source of the thing, not the inventor of a word or even a symbol. They didn’t invent trademark law to prevent me from…

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