Twitter Search…I’m in love all over again!

by Robyn Hawk on January 9, 2010

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OK - so in my last post I was pretty mad at what I thought were the reasons I was not showing in Twitter Search!!!!

I should have known better...Twitter is about the conversation, the organic, the learning as we go along. Not arbitrarily putting rules in place that we can't help but break!

The lesson learned is something I preach all the time - do not fall for those apps that say they want to put advertising between your tweets - do not sign up for an automated follow program - and above all do not fall for a program that will get you 100 followers a day...they won't be "your" followers and won't be interested in what you have to say!

The easiest way to dump all the automation is change your password!!!

How do you restore your account? Go to and submit a ticket, (thanks to Anita @ModelSupplies ) and if it doesn't work - my first ticket got no response - try again. The last ticket got a 24 hour response and the person worked with me to get multiple accounts back up!

So - this is what the problem was...

Please review our Automation Rules and Best Practices:
Looks like at some point you were posting automated ads, which are not allowed. Ads are not allowed at all on accounts that are otherwise mostly run by automated feeds.

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