Development of the Newest Knew Concept Saws

January 6, 2010

Last night, I was helping out my friend, Lee Marshall, of Knew Concepts, by photographing his new saws. (For more information, go to As I gathered the saws, and prepared to photograph, I came across some of the earlier prototypes, and found it interesting to observe the how the tools developed.  I thought that […]

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Today, I was Reminded of One of the Reasons Why I Love Argentium Silver

September 3, 2009

Today, I had to prepare some silver pieces for an exhibition.  As I pulled the older pieces, which had been made with traditional sterling silver, out of their anti-tarnish bags, and saw the streaks of tarnish, I groaned.  The newer pieces, made of Argentium Sterling, only needed a few swipes with a Goddard’s cloth to […]

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Special Visitor at Hydraulic Press Workshop!

July 13, 2009
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Ultimate Spiculum Hammer – by Longhi, Eid, and Fretz

July 7, 2009

I am working on a book with Betty Helen Longhi, Shellforming Techniques for Jewelers and Metalsmiths.  The term shellforming describes a collection of techniques -mostly based on synclasting and anticlasting— through which sheets of metal are given complex, often sinuous form, to make objects of beauty and strength.  The book will be edited by jeweler/author/educator […]

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Pebble in a Pond-a new Argentium Silver Bowl

April 12, 2009

24K Kum Boo was applied in a pattern that suggests the ripples that would form if this were a pond, and a pebble had dropped onto the still surface.  The reverse side shows the pebble at the bottom of the pond—a secret surprise for the owner, or an intrigued viewer who examines the bowl carefully, […]

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Barrette-One Method for Attaching a finding

March 2, 2009

Some time ago, there was a discussion on Orchid about how to attach a commercial barrette finding to the back of a hand-made barrette.  I tried to describe my method, but, words are never as good as a picture.  Here are photos of both front and back of a barrette that I recently finished. The […]

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Choker? Pendant? Two-Way Neckpiece

November 22, 2008

Recently, I finished a neckpiece, and took it along to a family reunion.  While showing it to a cousin, another relative came by, and suggested, “Oh, it looks like it could work this way too!”   “Hey, cool!” we think.     It looks good on my cousin both ways! She likes the idea of being able to […]

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Workshop – Forging: Bracelets, Brooches, and Rings

November 10, 2008

I just finished teaching a weekend workshop at Metalwerx, and am very pleased at how much everyone learned and accomplished.  We started with how to hold a hammer, and began by making basic forms in bronze.  Participants then could continue to forge in bronze, or work with Argentium  Sterling Silver.  Demonstrations alternated with working time […]

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Hydraulic Press and Microfolding Workshops in Birmingham, England

November 4, 2008

I’ve just received an invitation to teach two workshops at the The Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre( JIIC ), which is part of The Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery. I’ll be teaching two 5-day Short Courses (British for “workshop” is “Short Course”).  I’m excited!  I taught a hydraulic press short course/workshop in 2005 and really […]

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Necklace: “Changing Sides”

October 5, 2008

Necklace – Argentium Stering Silver, 14KYG, 24K Kum Boo This new piece is called Changing Sides, because each unit is reversable, and as the necklace is worn, each bead/unit is apt to flip over, and change sides from all-silver with texture to silver with gold kum boo.  The piece changes dynamically, as the wearer moves, […]

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