Go Stamp Something! How a Sterling Silver Charm or Copper Sheet turns into a trinket. Stamping made easy.

by CGM Findings on October 12, 2012

You know you want to stamp something! 🙂 Like a sterling silver charm, copper sheet, gold sheet or piece of brass. Stamping is not so bad once you give it a whack. Stamping is a great way to create some cute art, convey a message, make something unique, or make ordinary simple things stand out.

So go stamp something – or at least after you read this wonderful tutorial you just might. This is certainly great for people who want to get into stamping or, better yet, those of you “other” folks who work with metal and thought … no… nope… not for me.

However, the good thing about anything new though is, at least if you give it a go – you can say you tried it and it just isn’t your thing. But I think everyone should at least learn ‘How’ to stamp their stuff.

There are many creative ways to put stamping in place. Obviously, many people base their whole project on stamping itself. They are the hard core stampers. They stamp everything! They’d even stamp their kids if they could. Of course, you can’t so, don’t even try it.

But when it comes to metal projects, maybe you just want to stamp your signature, a date, something that has meaning, some notes or incorporate it as part of the design. You can design something that is based on forging or even sand casting but that doesn’t mean you can’t stamp it! One thing is for sure, stamping is fun. It could be a project in between a project or a simple small piece that turns into a gift or even a new line of jewelry you never thought you’d do. All you really need to start is a hammer and a stamp set with a sharpie.

So what are you waiting for go out and stamp something!

This tutorial was so nicely posted by Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects. Check out her website and go visit her cute Etsy stuff like map necklaces we love.

Also – here is another wonderful blog full of stamping goodies, great jewelry projects, and cats!


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