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Ready to explore something different?? Creative Jewelry Media may add the Mix.

by CGM Findings on October 24, 2012

Electroplating, Image Transfer, Resin Casting, Electrical Jewelry – Oh my! …

It may or may not be for you, but the truth is you can’t say it isn’t interesting as heck to read, discover and find out what other people are doing with it. One of the things that makes jewelry design so amazingly creative is options. The more options the more you have room to venture from the standard. You don’t have to use it but having the knowledge on how it works may lead to a decision on matching the right “add-on” to the right project. It’s really neat to see projects mixed with different media.
Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing more beautiful than hammered metal and traditional metalsmithing techniques. Some things just need to be left alone.
But, who knows…, maybe you might to add a little resin, image transfer, or electro something or other to really get wild.
Why not? We’ve seen some of the most amazing jewelry made from different techniques. Usually a mixture of different media.
Maybe we’d all like to create a museum piece or how about something unique that no one else has.
I know, it’s hard to believe with so much out there, but we see unique jewelry all the time.

One of the most interesting topics that may or may not have been around for a while in the crafting community is electroplating.
Specifically electroplating natural forms.
This may not be a inexpensive or untimely endeavor but it sure is very interesting and wonderful to read.
We find it fascinating.
Here are some links to put you in awe.

Bet you didn’t know the folks at MIT are jewelry makers. 🙂

To add to all this, we found an remarkable jewelry artist who works with all of this media.
You may certainly want to take a look her site.
Very inspirational and wonderful jewelry.

There are some wonderful jewelry pieces out there and just some amazingly talented people. Everytime we come across it we get inspired.
Have fun exploring and creating – Designing and building.

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