Wire Wrapping to a Whole New Level.

by CGM Findings on November 30, 2012

When thinking wire wrapping, you’re thinking sorta kinda metally jewelry making, right??
Well, think again.
If you look at artist Jason Burruss, a jewelry designer specializing in the art of silver and gemstone cold-fusion, you’ll find something different. Native to Midlothian, Virginia and living in North Carolina, Jason brings wire wrapping with silver wire to a whole new level.
We are constantly amazed at the various different levels of wire wrapping and many of the projects coming to the forefront. Often overlooked wire wrapping is sort of reforming itself.
No matter how you feel about it, some of the pieces of wire wrapping are certainly getting up to par on the metal art circuit and there are some you just can’t ignore.
Jason Burruss creates amazing jewelry with silver wire, silver beads and gemstones.
We welcome you to get inspired and awe at the designs and craftsmanship.



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