Making the Difference in Jewelry Design.

by CGM Findings on May 22, 2013

If you are looking for a good example of jewelry design, here it is. When you see good design, you know it. CGM Findings has a love for good design.
Since it has been a while since we have mentioned a designer or artist, when we saw this, well, we were awed by the design skills and craftsmanship.
There is a lot of good work out there that inspires. The design work of Heather Bayless is breathtaking.
The design work is so refined and innovative it makes you want more.

When looking at this there is just no doubt. When you create jewelry or just about any art, Design, in itself, plays a huge role. One of the things that makes the difference of good custom made jewelry or not-so-good custom made jewelry is design.
Although technique play a major role along with craftsmanship, design, defines the jewelry and art as if it was meant to be. Correct in form, alluring and captivating.
Heather Bayless truly has amazing design skills.

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