Do you Love Jewelry Design as Much as We Do?

by CGM Findings on July 1, 2013

I guess that is about the best way to put it.
We have an obsession with good Jewelry Design.

If you are looking to break away and look at a inspirational collection of Jewelry Design – Then visit our CGM Favorites Pinterest board.

You’ll find a collection of jewelry from around the world.
We enjoy historical periods or historical pieces of jewelry in which you can learn by – often good jewelry design stands the test of time.
We also enjoy modern and eclectic artistic modern day jewelry made by a lot of current jewelry artists.

If you enjoy Jewelry Design as much as we do – join us and share.

There is so many beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry out there and looking at good Jewelry Design, inspires, and provides excellent study.

Jewelry Design from Lalique to Dali to McKnight.

Jewelry Design of the Past, Present, and Future, can teach us how Jewelry Design forms a role in society, making a strong statement in fashion & everyday life.

rachel mcknight

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