Tucson Gem Show 2014

by CGM Findings on February 5, 2014

It is finally that time of year again!
2014 is the 60th Anniversary of the Tucson Gem Show and actually the 40th Anniversary of the G&LW Show.
People from all over the world,  will  converge, and head on over to the dessert city of Tucson, Arizona.
Every year Tucson is a pretty unique place for people looking for deals in the dirt. It’s nothing new. It’s been going on for 60 years and has built up to quite an event. An estimated 55,000 people will explore the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase, or “gem show” in Tucson, Jan. 24 –Feb. 16.

A main event is the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the very first “gem show” started by the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society since 1954, which in 2014 will be turning 60 years old.

Did you know that Tucson is the oldest continuously inhabited city
in the United States?
tucson gem show
The Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase is one of the premier gem and mineral shows in the world. The event takes place annually in late January and February at approximately 40 to 49 different locations across the city of Tucson, Arizona. Most of the shows are open to the public, except for certain trade shows which require registration with a business license. There is not one single location for gems, minerals and fossils, but rather dealers occupy dozens of locations across the city: many big hotels and most motels are occupied for this occasion, with professionals displaying their specimens in such locations as hotel bedrooms, lobbies, tents, and lawns. The premier event of the Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase is the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show produced by the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society. This show has been held annually since 1955 and now occupies 181,000 square feet (16,800 m2) of the Tucson Convention Center. All of the shows have attendees from all across the world which includes the general public, experts, beginning collectors, museum employees, dealers, retailers, and researchers. Many museums and universities, such as the Smithsonian Institution and the Sorbonne have displayed at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and all of these other different shows bring in over $110 million to the local Tucson economy.
The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is held at the Tucson Convention Center starting on the second Thursday of February. The first Tucson Gem and Mineral Show was held in an elementary school in 1955 and shortly thereafter moved to a quonset hut at the Tucson Fair Grounds. Then in 1973 they moved into the Tucson Community Center. They occupied the North Exhibit Hall first, then expanded into the Arena and upper Arena concourse. After the completion of the new facility in 1990, which is now called the Tucson Convention Center, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show now occupies the Arena, Exhibition Halls A-B-C, Galleria and Ballrooms. source:wikipedia

The Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) is a scientific membership organization. MSA was founded in 1919 for the advancement of mineralogy,crystallography, geochemistry, and petrology, and promotion of their uses in other sciences, industry, and the arts. It encourages fundamental research about natural materials; supports the teaching of mineralogical concepts and procedures to students of mineralogy and related arts and sciences; and attempts to raise the scientific literacy of society with respect to issues involving mineralogy. The Society encourages the general preservation of mineral collections, displays, mineral localities, type minerals and scientific data. MSA represents the United States with regard to the science of mineralogy in any international context. The Society was incorporated in 1937 and approved as a not-for-profit organization in 1959. source:wikipedia

Here’s our 2014 Tucson Gem Show photo board where you get a bit more history:

From the city of Tucson’s History Archives
As a special feature, we uncovered several out of print books about Tucson written at the beginning of the 1900’s. These books are now in the public domain and can be read online or downloaded for free.

Old Tucson; a hop, skip and jump history from 1539 Indian settlement to new and greater Tucson” by Estelle M. Buehman describes early Tucson history. She shares her accounts of the Old Pueblo when it was still a small town in the early 1911. Her book covers the history, dates and names of people who helped shape the emergence of Tucson. Read about the early pioneers, the establishment of schools, newspapers, churches, business and the lives of local Tucsonans in the 1800’s in Buehman’s “Old Tucson.”

“Tucson, Arizona” by Rochester Ford Issued by the Tucson, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and reprinted from “OUT WEST MAGAZINE” for September, 1902. Tucson lays claim to being one of the oldest settlements in the United States, ranking as to age next after San Augustine, Florida, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Its history can be traced back to 1649, when a military station was established by the Spaniards to protect the Mission of San Xavier.

Eusebio Francisco Kino’s historical memoir of Pimerîa Alta. This is a contemporary account of the beginnings of Arizona, California and Sonora first published in 1919. It is out of copyright and can be freely downloaded as a PDF from archive.org: Download Memoirs of Pimerîa Alta.
source: emol.org

old plaza in Tucson Arizona old plaza in Tucson Arizona

The old military plaza in Tucson in the early 1900’s.


If you are planning to go to the Tucson Jewelry and Gem Show for 2014, get ready for a treat.
There is nothing like the annual Tucson Jewelry Show in Arizona than any other show in the world!
CGM Findings is having Tucson Jewelry Super Show Deals on gemstone beads and jewelry findings – almost everything you can possibly imagine. #tucsongemshow

Links to City of Tucson Resources & Public Records

This is a compiled list of authoritative web sites to make it easy to locate the right links
for state, county and local information in the city of Tucson, Pima County and Arizona.
This includes the Weather Report, Police, and WebCam Traffic Report.
Old Rockhounds page

There is a book out called the 50 year history of Tucson Show on Google Books.

If you get a copy of the
Indespencible for the Tucson Gem Show.



CGM Findings will be at the Tucson Gem Show
at the
Holiday Inn Holidome Upper Terrace February 6-14, 2014.

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