The Moon Muses, revisited

by michaeljohnson on October 25, 2009

Women have inspired songs in the hearts of men since the dawn of creation.  We’ve sang of goddesses, mothers, whores, love lost and gained.  We’ve sang of their beauty, their ugliness, their love, and their scorn.  This is why the ancient myths tell us that the muses of men are female, that inspire us men to such vibrations of motivation to create.

I do realize that women create as well, and some guys who make stuff don’t like girls.  But, this was really guys talking to guys, back in the day.  But, as the ancient art of alchemy explored the elements of precious metals, all things were broken into genders.  Freud picked up on this as well.  Everything can be defined by genders.  It is ingrained into our universal consciousness.  Not so much in the Germanic languages, but in the Roman based languages everything has a gender, and the gender dictates the verb, adjective, preposition stuff.

Moon Muses; sterling silver, copper, moonstones, opal.

Moon Muses; sterling silver, copper, moonstones, opal.

The sun is masculine, going back to the Egyptians, maybe even further back.  Gold is the metal of the sun.  The moon is his counterpart, she is feminine.  Silver is her metal.  The moon regulates their cycles, and girl stuff.

Ok, ok, so I see a flaw here.  So do men have more worth?  Gold is worth more than silver.  Has silver always been second in worth to gold?  I have read where at times silver was more sought after, thus carrying more value during certain eras in history.  Silver is the metal of Mercury, the Mercury dime, commerce.  If women inspire men to create, what inspires women?  Men?  I am pretty sure that I have inspired at least a couple of women to create a few voodoo dolls.

Oh, was the world more simple back in ancient times?  Men were men, and women were women.  Or, were they? Spartans, um well…  Diana, goddess of hunting.  Them Greeks had islands for everything.  Islands of one-eyed freaks, islands of singing chicks, islands of lesbos, nymphos, etc…  I’m not so sure they were all too clear on the issues either.

Screw it.  Being just an average Joe, skirt chasing, white boy, I can only speak of what I know.  Chicks make me crazy.  I dig girls.  I’ll take two of them Greek muses, a blonde and a redhead please.  Put them up there in the moon for me, and let them inspire my imagery.

I used to have a professor in grad school who would always tell us lads, “Paint with your dick!”  Of course we laughed, and joked about working in oil paints and having to clean up with mineral spirits, “Yikes!!!”  But, we all knew what he meant.

So, in summary, let me pass this message down to my metalsmithing buddies in contemporary languages, to the laymen.  “The muses are the embodiment of all hot chicks.  Be moved.  And, forge your metals with your dick.”  LOL!!!

I have carved a few other types of stones, but opal is so soft that it is a pleasure to carve.  I hope that you enjoy.  Thanks!!!


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Michael Johnson October 26, 2009 at 10:18 am

LOL, it doesn’t sound like a show I’d want to watch, ha!

Jerry Fowler October 26, 2009 at 10:11 am

Gosh, to cut rubies must be diamond tipped! Nice work. Painting and Gem carving with Richard, is that the title of a new pay per view cable show?

Michael Johnson October 26, 2009 at 9:37 am

LOL, Thanks!!!
And, by the scale of your work… well… Uh hum…. uh… LOL

shelbyvision October 26, 2009 at 9:28 am

OK, mister, now you’ve done it, no more G rating for you. 😉
Nice stone carving. I really like the shape of the whole piece; it really complements the (presumably) female body on which it would be worn.

Michael Johnson October 26, 2009 at 7:48 am

Yeh, I did have the fleeting thought of making a joke about using mine to cut stones and ranking chicks by the mohs scale, but decided that would be too much. But, to squeeze one in, my girlfriend inspires me to cut rubies :o) LOL!

George October 26, 2009 at 6:49 am

The first thing is to tell what a beautiful piece, but the highlight of your blog entry was towards the end !

What a great good morning laugh.. !

Problem for me would be the using my dick part for forging metals, painting etc… As I would have to work down towards my ankles !

All kidding aside… Really neat piece Michael !

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