by David Cruickshank on 22/11/2010

Details of the construction of a drawbench using a boat winch.

Details of the construction of a drawbench using a boat winch.

David Cruickshank
I went to Sydney Australia in 1982 from London, previously from Aberdeen Scotland. Grays School of Art, Silversmithing and Graphic Design 1963 Since 1982 I have run a business in Terrigal supplying shops and galleries in the major cities of Australia. I produce several types of work: commissions for wedding and engagement rings, special pieces for shops. Then ranges of rings in gold and gold and titanium often layers of gold and titanium rivited together,the rivits being a feature. I have made series of pendants and brooches in silver, containing large semi- precious stones and 24 wearable pieces influenced by several visits to Morocco. I have a well equiped workshop, and am still working at 70.
David Cruickshank

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Jeff Demand November 23, 2010 at 3:30 pm


Mine is similar although I used 1/4″ steel cable. Cable clamps and a 2″ round ring. Semi decent slip jaw pliers with the ring closing them. Works well, simple and cheap. Curbside winch,and collected odds and ends. Cable etc was the only real expense. Leftover paint to make pretty probably worth more than the rest. The only change would be to add Nd magnets to the ears holding the draw plate, some days I just don’t have 3 hands 🙂


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