Our Contributions to Renee Newman’s Book “Exotic Gems Volume 1”

by Jessa Dow on February 16, 2010

Thank-you to Renee Newman from all of us at Different Seasons Jewelry!

We are very excited about our contributions to Renee Newman’s first book in her new series on
rare and exotic gems, “Exotic Gemstones Vol 1”. Our photos were
included in chapters on ammolite, rhodochrosite, sunstone and “other
feldspars” (our spectrolite jewelry and gem photos were in this

Exotic Gemstones Vol 1″How to Identify & Buy Tanzanite,
Ammolite, Rhodochrosite, Zultanite
, Sunstone,
Moonstone & Other Feldspars
Direct Link to purchase book through Barnes and Noble~

We highly recommend this book for anyone who buys, sells or has interest in gemstones!! Both Mark and I consider ourselves knowledgeable & experienced with gems but we learned a great deal from this book. It is filled with interesting and well-researched information… a joy to read from beginning to end. The visually stunning variety of jewelry and gemstones shown within the book is worthy of the book’s price all on it’s own.

Lapidary and jewelry artists include John Dyer, Mark Schneider, Dayan Hargrave, Luca Busatti, Sherries Cottier Shank, Victor Velyan, Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz, Fred and Kate Pearce, Ginny Dizon, Paula Crevoshay, Tom DeGasperis and many more.
The book even includes a section “How A Master Cutter cuts a Zulanite” by Stephen Kotlowski.


“This is the first in a series of books that will explore the history, lore,
evaluation, geographic sources, and identifying properties of lesser-known
gems. Exotic Gems Volume 1 has 288 color photos of mounted and
loose tanzanite, ammolite, zultanite, rhodochrosite, sunstone, moonstone,
labradorite, spectrolite, andesine, amazonite, bytownite, orthoclase and
oligoclase. Some of the pictures are close-up shots that show how to make
visual judgments about clarity, transparency, color, cut quality and
brilliance. A few pictures show how the gems are cut and many others show
creative jewelry designs with these stones. Exotic Gems also
provides tips on caring for the gems, selecting an appraiser and on
detecting imitations and gem treatments. The healing and metaphysical
properties of the gems are also addressed. Written for both consumers and
professionals, it’s easy to read, well-organized, and packed with
fascinating information and photos. If you’re interested in colored
gemstones, you’ll find Exotic Gems to be a valuable resource that
will help you discover and buy unusual gem varieties you may never have
seen before.”

*Renee Newman is a respected gemologist and author of eight guides on gems and jewelry. Her books are used throughout the world as buying guides, sales-training tools, class texts and references for jewelry professionals. Other books by Renee Newman include:

  • Diamond
    Ring Buying Guide
  • Gemstone
    Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify, Select & Care For Colored Gems
  • Ruby,
    Sapphire & Emerald Buying Guide
  • Gold
    & Platinum Jewelry Buying Guide
  • Jewelry Handbook: How to Select, Wear & Care for Jewelry
  • Pearl
    Buying Guide
  • Gem
    & Jewelry Pocket Guide: A traveler’s guide to buying diamonds, colored
    gems, pearls, gold and platinum jewelry
  • Diamond
    Handbook: A Practical Guide to Diamond Evaluation

Learn more about Renee and her books! http://reneenewman.com/

Our photo contributions from Renee Newman’s chapter on sunstone.
All photos by Jessica Dow.

Blooms of SunstoneWaves of Sunstone

“Blooms of Sunstone” and “Waves of Sunstone” By Jessica Dow & Mark Anderson.
Hand fabricated sterling silver with African sunstone cabs and carving by Mark Anderson.
Designs by Jessica Dow.

Seen on page 105

waves carving 01Sunstone Rough

African Sunstone carving and the rough African Sunstone Mark Anderson used for the carving.
Seen on page 105.

Oregon SunstoneFree-Form Carving
My mother Martha Borzoni’s amazing Oregon Sunstone freeform gem carving.
Seen on Page 111
*In the same page of the book you can see carvings by the artists John Dyer and Sherris Cottier Shank.

Our photo contributions from Renee Newman’s section on spectrolite within the chapter “Other Feldspars”.
All photos by Jessica Dow

Spectrolite Cadenza

“Spectrolite Cadenza” By Dow & Anderson.
Fabricated reversible sterling silverpendant w/ spectrolite, pink spinel, peridot, amethyst and spassartite garnet.
Seen on Page 131
Times of Change
“Times of Change” Reversible Spectrolite Pendant by Dow& Anderson.
Seen on Page 132
Photos of gems from our spectrolite collection.
Gems cut by Gail O Clark, a very talented lapidary artisan.
Seen on page 30 &131
Hot Pink Spectrolite Ring

Hand fabricated spectrolite ring by Jessica Dow.
Seen on Page 132


Photos from Renee Newman’s chapter on Rhodochrosite.

All Photos by Jessica Dow.

Rhodochrosite Sunrise Final
Rhodochrosite Sunrise Necklace
Sculpted Rhodochrosite Ring

“Rhodochrosite Sunrise”& “Sculpted Rhodochrosite Ring”By Jessica Dow and Mark Anderson.
All gems custom cut by Mark Anderson.
Seen on Page 97

Photo from Renee Newman’s chapter on Ammolite
Photo by Jessica Dow
Ammolite Ocean Pendant
“Ammolite Ocean” By Jessica Dow
Black Opal by Mark Anderson.
*Used as an example of rare blue ammolite.
Seen on Page 84


A couple photo excerpts from Renee Newman’s book, courtesy of Renee Newman.

Exotic Gesmtones/Sunstone Chapter
Exotic Gemstones/Spectrolite Chapter

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msadesigns February 17, 2010 at 11:07 am

For any of you who have read this book, we would love to have your reviews posted here in the comments section! I’m sure Renee Newman would appreciate the feedback.

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