Renee Newman’s Exotic Gemstones Vol. 2

by Jessa Dow on January 30, 2011

Exotic Gems Vol 2 Cover~ with Mark's 14k gembone ring

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Renee Newman’s most recent book, Exotic Gemstones Vol 2, includes a beautiful array of gems not often found in the cases of mainstream jewelry stores. This lavishly illustrated book takes the reader through a visual tour of luscious, mouth-watering rare gemstones and provides detailed gemology information that would be helpful to both the professional and hobbyist collector. The book is a concise guide on how to evaluate “exotic” gemstones in order to buy, sell, and grade materials such as alexandrite, tsavorite garnet, gembone, coprolite and fire opal as well as touching on geographical information, history and the folklore that adds to the mystique of each gemstone. This volume is a wonderful companion to Renee Newman’s first book in the series, which covered beautiful gems such as rhodochrosite, ammolite, tanzanite, spectrolite, moonstone, sunstone and other feldspars.

I find this Exotic Gemstone book series to be a refreshing departure from the sea of gem/gemology books available on popular precious and semi-precious gemstones. These books are a good buy for anyone interested in learning about buying, collecting and “rockhounding” gems as well as being very beneficial for lapidary artists and jewelers with a desire to learn more about using rare, exotic gemstones for gem cutting and wearable art jewelry.Mark was fortunate enough to contribute gem and jewelry photos to the chapters on fire opal, coprolite~and last but certainly not least~ gem dinosaur bone or “gembone”.Mark Anderson specializes in this extraordinary material and was thrilled to work with Renee during the writing of the chapter on gem dinosaur bone and coprolite. Very little has been published on the subject of gembone and this book will be an invaluable source on the subject for years to come. Gembone is a relatively unknown gemstone in both the jewelry and gem markets. This books provides a wealth of information in a simple, concise manner clear enough for even the most novice gembone collector to understand. The chapter includes sections to assist in correctly identifying certain types of bone (vertebrae, hip, etc), cell pattern, treatments and overall quality and durability of various gembone specimens. An evaluation/ pricing guide is also present with a list of qualities to look for when buying bone. With over 7 pages of vivid, full-color gembone photographs this book will be a great addition to any gembone collector’s library!

One of Mark’s 14k gold gembone inlay rings was chosen to be included on the cover, along with other talented artists such as Larry Woods, Emil Weiss, Sherris Cottier Shank and Paula Crevoshay. A long list of talented artists have contributed photos to this book. Master gem artists John Dyer, Clay Zava and Glenn Lehrer along with amazing jewelry by Zaffiro, Mark Schneider and Yossi Harari among many others. It’s an honor to be included among such impressive company.! We’ve heard a rumor that the third volume will include a section on another of our favorite gems, fire agate.

Below is some of the gem and jewelry photos we’ve contributed to this latest volume. We’d like to thank David Greene for photographing the gembone inlay ring for the cover of the book.

Gembone Jewelry~ All casting, fabrication and lapidary by Mark Anderson.
18K Gold Dinosaur Bone Ring

18k gold ring with custom cut top grade gem dinosaur bone cab. Thanks to James Petit for taking such a great photo!

earrings on gembone slab

22k Gold Reversible Gembone Earrings

14k Gold Gem DInsoaur Bone Inlay Ring

14K Gold Gembone Inlay Ring (shown on cover). Professional Photography By David Greene~ David Greene Photography~

Gembone Specimens and Lapidary Arts from the Different Seasons jewelry gembone collection~

Peacock Vertebrae Gem Dino Bone

Lavender Celled Gemmy Dinosaur Bone

Magenta, Orange, Red and Yellow Gem Dinosaur Bone

 Smoking Vert Pair

Coprolite Jewelry~All Casting, fabrication and Lapidary by Mark Anderson

Sterling Silver Cufflinks with Coprolite Inlay.

coprolite cufflinks 1

coprolite ring 2
Sterling Silver Ring with Pink Coprolite Inlay ( a different shot of the ring was used in the actual book)



Exotic Gems Volume 2~ Preview 2~

~Book Excerpt.. to see more buy the book:)

FIRE OPAL jewelry!

Serpentine 1
Our fire opal serpentine pendant, made for Nick Simmons to wear his family’s reality show, Gene Simmons’ Family “Jewels”

gold fire opal ring 3

fire opal ring 7

14k Gold/22kGold fire opal ring by Jessica Dow.

Thanks to Renee Newman for being an inspiration!

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Jack September 16, 2011 at 6:47 am

Another of those must have books. Love the photos of Gembone.

Calla Gold February 1, 2011 at 10:58 pm

I love these pictures. I have four books of Ms. Neuman’s, now I need this one. Awesome!

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