Taking It Back

by kathyjohnson on November 19, 2008

I was going to post this on November 6. But I got interrupted just before I finished writing it. I saved it as a note in ScribeFire, my brand-new browser blog editor, and when I came back later I couldn’t find the post again! Here it is, two weeks later and I I just stumbled across my missing post while trying to figure out another feature. (It’s a neat program, but ScribeFire doesn’t come with much in the way of user help files…) Oh well, better late than not at all, I suppose. So when you read this, pretend that the election just happened a day ago.

The election is over. Whew! No more nasty campaign ads everywhere we turn, at least not for a while, anyway. I surprised myself by taking a deeper interest in this election than I ever have before. I’ve never paid much attention to politics. I skated through high school government class and I don’t recall a thing I learned there. in the past I’ve always voted for an independent candidate, partly because I felt that my vote didn’t really matter. I thought that nothing I could do would make any difference in the way things turned out.

I’ve been really disgusted with the way the country has been going ever since shortly after 9/11 when the government started taking away our rights in the name of ‘safety and granting themselves access to and control over our private lives while claiming to be protecting us. I got so ticked off about two years ago that I hung a large Jolly Roger flag from a pole on our front porch and vowed not to take it down until things started to change for the better. That was my own quiet protest against the government, my way of  saying “Take back what’s ours!”

I followed this election with great interest. I checked out the independent candidates and ruled them out right away. That left me with only two choices. Never having supported either of the main parties before, I was willing to vote for whichever candidate convinced me that he was right for the job. Watching the debates tipped the scales heavily in one direction for me. I got up early on November 4 and went to stand in line to vote before 7am when the polling site opened.

That night I couldn’t stay awake long enough to find out who won, but of course it was all over the news the next morning. Something new and different was going to happen in this country. The relief I felt was surprising. I know the man isn’t a magician who can wave a wand and fix the country . It’s going to take a long time for the US to recover from what’s been done to it over the last eight years. But I felt a new confidence that things will get better again, and that’s something I hadn’t felt in a long, long time.

I went out on the afternoon of November 5, bought a brand-new American flag, and replaced the Jolly Roger pirate flag with the Stars and Stripes. We’re gonna take it back now. I’m sure of it.




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