Color, Texture & Casting for Jewelers by Carles Codina

by Robyn Hawk on April 12, 2012

Color, Texture & Casting for Jewelers: Hands-On Demonstrations & Practical Applications

by Carles Codina

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If you are like me you were introduced to Carles Codina with his The Complete Book of Jewelry Making: A Full-Color Introduction to the Jeweler's Art...and let me say now - if you are just starting in the art of Jewelry Making, this is the book you want!

However, if you have scoured Codina's first book cover to cover - then Color, Texture & Casting for Jewelers: Hands-On Demonstrations & Practical Applications is your natural next step.

This book is structured to teach - it covers a technique and then it offers a project so you get a "practical application" of the technique.

...and it covers some of the oldest and most used techniques in Jewelry Design: Keum Boo - Granulation - Mokume Gane - Plating and one I had never tried...Melted Filings (Brilliant!). It is filled with full color photos and easy to follow instructions.

That alone would make the $30 price reasonable but Codina also cover almost every type of what he calls Artisanal Casting you could need (Sand Casting - Cuttlebone Casting - Ceramic Coatings) - including building your own crucible for the "Casting in a Closed Crucible" chapter. 

Also included are Patinas and textures along with great Wax and Micro Casting tips.

Codina hits a Grand Slam with this one...

Disclaimer:  Thank you to the good folks at Lark Crafts for sending a Review Copy!

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