Winner of the Big Beady Book Giveaway!

by Robyn Hawk on November 18, 2012

...Lea Avroch of LA Jewelry Design!

"I was recently asked to review several Lark Books. Which to read and review first since they're all idols of mine?? So, I randomly selected Rachel Nelson-Smiths' Bead Riffs. What a fun read! Different from most beading books I've come across, Rachel makes the connection between her love of beading and her love of jazz. She's spent about 10 years singing jazz and almost 2 decades beading, so is well versed on both topics. I love knowing something about my beading idols besides just their work, sort of like seeing one of my schoolteachers in the grocery store. They DO have another life! ;-)"

Finish reading Lea's review here and learn the tip that gave her an AHA moment! 

I have to say I am really impressed and glad to see another Reviewer born!   Follow Lea's blog to see her review of four more books from LARK'S amazing Beadweaving Master Class Series.  

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