Blog-o-sphere Think Tank March 2013 – "Do the seasons affect you?"

by Robyn Hawk on March 20, 2013

March Topic: "Do the seasons affect/inspire you? In what way?"

I would love to say that I work the same no matter what season it is...but it seems that as I get older I react to seasonal forces more - or maybe it is just that as I get older I am more aware of the causes of maladies that I always accepted as part of who I am.

Spring - Happy First Day of Spring by the way! Spring has always been my second favorite of the will discover my favorite as you read on.  For me Spring means Tucson Gem Show - cool weather and the occasional rain front which for me means barometric headaches!

Summer - Probably my least favorite season - I don't do well in the heat.  So instead of being completely unproductive - I switch to lapidary projects - nothing like having your hands in water to cool a sweltering day!  ...and the shows I cover are inside!  I look forward to the many local Gem & Mineral Club Shows as well as my favorite Jewelry Week in Las Vegas - 12 Jewelry Shows all in one place - I get my bling fix here!

Fall - My favorite season because the weather is ideal - cool but sunny no dreary rain - no overpowering sun!   ...and for us Fall means our annual Digging Trip - whether that is local in So Cal or the high Desert of Oregon...we spend two weeks in the field.

Winter - the great thing about being in SoCal is that winter is a wonderful time of year. Sun is brilliant and the occasional rainstorm is welcomed!  But seriously - where else can you go rock hounding on New Years Day!  ...the photo above is of a New Years Day dig at the Himalaya Tourmaline Mine!  If you're interested the photo below is our take home that day...

What is this “Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank” thing?  Andes and several friends formed a group of bloggers...named "Blog-O-Sphere Think Tank"...we come together from different areas of life, ‘once a month’, to do a blog circle on a new but specific topic.  So, check back in once a month, or join us as we all write about the same topic, and hopefully we all post at approximately the same time , on the 20th of each month.  

We get a new and different topic each month which keeps it refreshing, and it is always  interesting, to read everyone's unique take on a new idea or topic. It’s fun, light, and gets your mind going. Everyone has  different thoughts; so you might learn something, or open your eyes to new ideas . In any case, I hope you’ll visit all the blogs and have a read!

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