OUT NOW!!! Showcase 500 Art Necklaces…from Lark!

by Robyn Hawk on July 16, 2013

Showcase 500

art necklaces

Chunghi Choo - Juror

This is the next book in Lark's revisited 500 Series - renamed the Showcase 500 and soft bound (which I believe will stand the test of time much better than the hard bound covers).   It is in stores NOW!

So - my thoughts...

Well, I know I sound like a broken record but I truly believe that the 500 Series and the new Showcase 500 will be the most valuable tool in the Appraisers' bookshelf - these tomes hold the work of hundreds of Art Jewelers whose names the future may not recall - but whose work and passion are evident in these pages.

This volume is an excellent example of the vast array of styles and techniques that make up the "Art Jewelry" movement.   Housing 500 pieces of Jewelry by 475 different artists is an internationally diverse collection juried by Professor of Art (specifically metal arts, jewelry and mixed media) at the University of Iowa for half a century, Chunghi Choo.

From the VERY wearable, bordering traditional pieces of Petra Class' Green Arabesque Necklace

...and the very detailed pieces that can only be made One Of A Kind - that is perfectly represented by the skillful work of Alison Antelman's Nigerian Phenakite Necklace

To the geometric, abstract pieces that Art Jewelry is known for....like Ute Decker's angular Architect's Necklace

The publisher of course will claim that this collection is representative of the contemporary jewelry scene but take it from someone that is literally buried in both the fine jewelry and art jewelry worlds - this really is representative of today's Art Jewelers!

The mixed media examples - are artists I am not familiar with and some are breathtaking - I have to say I am quite taken by this piece by Satoshi Nakamura - her Rose Collar

...and are those air plants growing out of Aimee Petkus' Co-Exist?

So there you have some teasers (I hope that Lark doesn't mind) from this amazing collection...I would order my copy today!!!

Book Description from Amazon:

This entry in the stunningly photographed Showcase 500 series features the most gorgeous necklaces you've ever seen. Lovingly crafted by renowned jewelers from around the world, these one-of-a-kind pieces display technical excellence, diverse forming techniques, and unceasing beauty. Made of materials that range from traditional metals to nylon, fabric, and found objects, these necklaces will leave crafters, jewelers, design fans, and collectors awestruck.

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