CUT/ FOLD/STITCH: Paper/ Metal

by francescavitali on March 12, 2009

Finally the day of the exhibition has arrived!
I have been invited to participate to this show at the Aaron Faber gallery in New York.
These are my 12 pieces:

The show explores the relationship between two studio jewelry materials – metal and paper – and the techniques artists share in manipulating these materials to create contemporary jewelry.

There are 95 works in the exhibition, created by 23 studio jewelry artists, most from Europe and the United Kingdom, as well as Israel, the United States and Canada.

The exhibition continues through April 19, and is a highlight of the SOFA NYC 2009 exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory, this year taking place April 16 through April 19.


Ingrid Adriaenssens
Noa Goren-Amir
Ursula Bonderer
Shimara Carlow
Jocelyn Chateauvert
Roland Dubuc
Francesca Vitali
Simone Haag
Gerlinde Huth
Pawel Kaczynski
Anna S. King
Esther Knobel
Natalia Krasnodebska
Soledad Kussrow
Chihiro Makio
Ayesha Mayadas
Biba Schutz
Catriona Stevenson
Dorothee Striffler
Silvia Uhlenbruch
Myung Urso
Els Vansteelandt
Arek Wolski

If you happen to be in the Big Apple between today and April 19th, don’t miss the chance to visit the show:

Aaron Faber Gallery
666 5th Av/W 53rd St
New York, NY 10103




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francescavitali March 13, 2009 at 5:47 pm

Thank you Beth!
Indeed it is possible to see bigger images on my flickr account

Beth Wicker March 13, 2009 at 4:35 pm

Gorgeous work – congratulations! Just wish I could click each image and get a larger view….. Very neat stuff.

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