by francescavitali on June 1, 2009

The SNAG crowd migrated to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for a special night where we had the pleasure to attend the Jewelry in Motion 2009 (show curated by Gail Brown) in combination with the wonderful Cezanne and beyond exhibition.
The first was a delightful catwalk performance of worn pieces of jewelry by 34 artists.

It was rare opportunity to see the pieces displayed on the body, some of the pieces were worn by the artists and all the models performance was absolutely fantastic!
For the complete list of artists and their links see here.

The second is an exhibition that features Cézanne work, displayed alongside works by several artists for whom Cézanne has been a central inspiration and whose work reflects, both visually and poetically, Cézanne’s extraordinary legacy.

I must say, I really enjoyed the evening and the Jewelry in Motion show, but some of the criticisms I’ve heard was that the show did not have enough metal work per se, instead fiber was the main protagonist of the evening. I personally love the cross contamination of fields, but I can see the point of these voices. Any comment on this topic is more than welcome!




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