Handmade Wire Chandelier Earrings

by annalee on March 18, 2008

What a horrible day I’ve had. Somehow while adjusting the shutter settings on my digital camera I accidentally changed something else that I shouldn’t have! And all my great shots look like crap. I can’t find the manual for my Canon Powershot A550. I just must get more organized.

Anyhow, I’ve been working on more handmade wire chandelier styles.

I just love these 14k gold fill celtic knots from which dangle gracefully two different cuts of rhodolite garnet.

This simplistic earring is very elegant and I’ll create other styles from this template.

Within the artisan jewelry niche I’m seeing a disturbing trend, namely the overuse of elaborate commercially produced chandelier findings to produce over the top gemstone chandeliers that are by definition well outside the budget of the average consumer.

Now the dazzling commercially produced chandeliers laden with gemstones are fab for the hollywood set, but let’s get real. I create jewelry for real women to wear — not only for evening, bridal & formal wear but heck even for everyday use.

I ask you, shouldn’t the terms ‘artisan’ and ‘handcrafted’ rightly define genuinely handforged items like these? I’d like to see a return to actual craftsmanship in ‘artisan handcrafted jewelry’.

I also created the sterling silver chandelier shown to the right by hand. This chandelier is basic yet it has lots of dazzle and we really like the authentic artisan style.

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Oh, and thanks for supporting an independent artisan!




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