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by annalee on April 8, 2008

I’ve been meaning to do a write up on a great new jewellery supplier I ran across a few weeks ago, BobbiThisnThat on etsy. Bobbi carries wonderful jewellery items at fabulous prices and she is extremely adept at dealing with special requests like those from cranky, overworked designers 🙁

I bought high end fancy Bali sterling silver toggles like the Dragonfly Toggle shown below. Bobbi sources her finds directly from Bali to ensure you’re getting a fair price. I also grabbed up some of Bobbi’s fancy czech beads, fancy 26g vermeil headpins – you know, hard to find stuff that I’d been searching all over for.

And one great thing I absolutely must comment on, is that this is a Canadian outlet… just down Hwy. 401 from me. Come to think of it, I’ve already placed five orders with Bobbi and many of the components I received will be worked into luxe pieces to be Visit www.BobbiThisnThat.etsy.comfeatured in my flagship store Gahooletree.

Bobbi’s online store is extremely popular with Etsians the world over and she’s making record sales due in no small part to her broad offerings of quality components at very fair prices. She provides lightning fast shipping too! Check out ALL of Bobbi’s goodies at today!




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