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by annalee on April 21, 2008

This week is off to a far better start for us here at Ga’hooleTree and Oracle Design Group. With all of my blogs I include business planning and strategy topics and this post is no exception. I’ve decided that the buy group idea will work well for me if I plan ahead and schedule appropriate orders to keep my supplies replenished periodically. My bulk buy research is paying off and I’ve located sources for gemstones, wire, components, you name it and there’s a cost justifiable group buy connection that we can tap into! Whoohoo!

A kind lady has taken me under her wing and is walking me through the intricacies of group buys for jewelry designers. Marilyn also graciously offered to let me in on a last minute specials order she was placing with MiGem. I wasn’t familiar with this online retailer but they do have some yummy gems! And I’m very happy for the opportunity to piggyback off Marilyn’s order. Can’t wait to get my goodies too!

Before I heard about the special offers at MiGem I placed an order for these smooth champagne quartz briolettes at A Cut Above on Etsy. This is another online merchant who offers high quality gems. These cute stones will be featured in a later post.

In current inventory I only have smooth pears in prasiolite (green amethyst) and london blue topaz pendant sized stones, so I’m looking forward to working with these pretties. Although we love faceting, I simply adore the smooth specimens. They’re a nice compromise between rugged and formal and the lines are so clean. But I probably love how juicy droplets appear and the neat way they showcase the gemstone color so well.

On the topic of smooth briolettes, from MiGem I’m hoping I’ll get in on these frosted lemon quartz polka dot smooth pears or the teardrops as well as the frosted champagne quartz polka dot smooth pears shown.
More on these acquisitions in a later post. I’m also hoping I’ll get the weird green tourmaline pencils that that might work well in mens/unisex chokers (more to follow).

The pink umba sapphire full briolettes arrived today from Gems of Bombay on etsy. These are good stones, not dyed but the online pics were highly colour enhanced. Nevertheless these little beauties I’m working into a chandelier that should be completed soon.

And finally, our first order of bali components is now on its way from Indonesia. It will be interesting to see how this wholesale personal buy works out. And if it doesn’t pan out we’ve been put in touch with a handful of other suppliers of Bali components worth trying. Will keep you posted…




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