Jewelry Store Retail Sales Responsibilities

by Gerry Lewy on October 8, 2012

If any of you readers are doing sales in retail stores, this might be worthwhile for you. If not, pass it along to those who do. These are not my thoughts, but my personal past experiences doing the writing! …Gerry!

Jewelry Store Retail Sales Responsibilities For All!

In the course of training, retail staff should know each other’s related jobs. A period of time should be set aside in letting how the other half lives and works. If it is only a tedious job as cleaning and maintenance, this is still very important. “Oh, it’s not my job to do that, let him/her do it, I’m in Sales” It should be a part of every ones knowledge of seeing how the other half lives and derives income from other retail responsibilities.

This little exercise should not be for a few hours but on a rotation basis lasting for a few days. Even arranging and cleaning showcases or even organizing storeroom supplies, answering telephone calls, or ordering workshop supplies. No one is any better than the other! Many a CEO of some of the largest “box-stores” started at the bottom of the corporate ladder. One of my first jobs in learning my trade, was sweeping the floors, and cleaning out casting crucibles. Checking old diamond parcels where stones were being given to all of the setters, just in case some stones were left behind in these paper envelopes. Mind numbing? But I started this way. My next position was setting white spinels in 4 claw settings for a 6-month period. Ever tried sand-casting? Did that too!

It is incumbent upon everyone to know the other person’s position in that store. What happens if someone of importance is away on sick leave, will the store close its doors until that person returns, hardly? There should be a shuffling of staff to take up the slack. In the workshop too, the ring polisher should have some rudimentary idea on soldering or doing basic repairs, if the main jeweller is on sick leave. I’ve seen this happen even recently, the ‘polisher’ had to supply ring sizing, chain soldering repairs till the main jeweller came from his doctor’s visit. Life is like that! We must diversify and learn other aspects of our trade. We should also appreciate others’ labours in their craft.

If the staff who orders tools or sundry items for the store is absent. The “Second-in-Command” staff should take up the slack, learn all the nuances of buying and keep the flow going.

If there is no program in force for this eventuality, a program should be looked into for when the “seasonal selling time” arrives, it’s too late. When the staff are working long hours, no time is allowed for these learning-meetings.

The manager, or office manager should have a manual of all the telephone numbers and addresses. This manual should be for all of the necessary needs of the store (and workshop, if any). Each staff member should have access to this, or duplicate manuals. What about a secure place? How about in the section of the inventory safe? Now call this YOUR NEW ‘BIBLE’.

I have a little story for you. One person who did all of the check signing was on Christmas holidays “forgot” to make out 15 pay slips to the staff up here in Toronto. No money for Christmas,no money for New Year and again poor lack of communication and deferring of responsibilities. Not too mention, late delivery of all checks. This “delay” lasted for 5 long weeks! No one else was allowed to take this person’s place till she arrived back at her desk.. Did I say a Mutiny almost ensued? Where was the “Back-up System?” Did they have an alternate or a “Second-In-Command”‘ to over-come this gross delaying tactic and error?

I sincerely hope this article makes you aware of some problems that can be solved before that can escalate into major situations.

Gerry Lewy!

Gerry Lewy

Gerry Lewy

With over 42 years experience as a stone setter, Gerald N. Lewy, president of Gemz Diamond Setting, is known throughout the diamond setting community as 'Gerry the Cyber-Setter'. Gerald Lewy started his 9-year apprenticeship with a jewellery manufacturer and tutored by a gentleman 'setter', in Haddon Gardens, London England. Gerald has redeveloped himself into more than a master setter; his purpose is now to be a teacher of the art as well. If you have any questions on Diamond / Stone Setting you can contact him through this blog

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Robin Key October 8, 2012 at 4:03

Also with the current financial climate often cleaners and admin staff may be potential craftsmen or have great sales potential. Highly qualified people are taking lowly jobs to live and could just be a great asset to a business they are also retail customers and have ideas to improve sales/workplaces etc.

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