My Bench Organization Tips

The next time you consider tossing one of your old burs in the trash, think of Gerry Lewy’s bench. This diamond setter/ pack rat reconditions all of his old burs, using a separating disk to sharpen each of the burs’ teeth. To avoid the mixing of old and new burs, Lewy keeps them separated in […]

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What to watch out for while setting gemstones

I know everyone has their own idea of how to set diamonds. Here are some of my own thoughts on what to watch out for while setting your diamonds, or gemstones. When securing stones. Please use a soft metal pusher. I suggest a copper or brass pusher. This will prevent making deep marks in the […]

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Gerry’s Blog

Hello my dear Orchid friends! Once Hanuman and I get things organized, I will post all of my Diamond/Gemstone setting essays into a blog. As a complete novice in this kind of technology (blogging). I might make a few mistakes, but once these are cleared up, it’ll be quite a library of setting knowledge. I […]

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