Repairs are Paying the Bills

by waynemiller on February 11, 2009

I have watched a couple of jewelry stores go out of business in the last two months,these guys have been around for years. What happened ?? These guy’s have made a lot of money selling to tourists. No tourists no sales. These people have forgotten the locals.What I have been doing over the last ten years,besides sales ? Remounts and repairs,Sizeings, re tipping reshanking, resetting,refurbishing,appraisals. These are not real exciting jobs,but it has kept my small shop going. I am promoting to customers that they need there own personal jeweler,someone that they trust,my message is starting to take hold. I have people calling me about sending in there gold to these rip offs that you see on TV. I talk them into bringing what they have to me and in the process,I might buy a little gold from them and end up redesigning some of there older pieces. Ring mountings into Pendants,or removing diamonds from pieces they don’t like into dangle earrings. I have had good luck in creating new excitement about there jewelry. Sales will be back ,but you need to pay the bills.   Wayne




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bethwicker February 11, 2009 at 9:51 pm

You have it exactly right. I’m finding increased repairs and custom jobs. The custom jobs include re-doing existing jewelry into something new, or making something from stones they have had on hand sitting around… The latter I find a bit surprising! And they choose me because they know me, who I am, where I am – I am not some faceless internet site.

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