New Cable Tie Jewelry

by skowood on June 7, 2010

                                            Spikey Cable-Tie Bangle Bracelet

                                          Cable-Tie Bracelet (sans spikes)

                                           The Materials: Cardboard ribbon spool, duct tape +

In my entry yesterday I said I made 4 new bracelets, well I made 4 new styles but actually 5 bracelets in total. Here are two that I created with cable-ties. In my book that will be released this autumn you will see a fantastic necklace I made with these interesting fasteners as well. I don't know what it is about these cable ties that make them so much fun to play with but they can be addictive. I have made quite a few pieces of jewelry from this material

Tune-in tomorrow for to see another creation I made last week and for more details on how you can win one of these cable-tie bangles with or without spikes!

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