Thank you Orchid! Ganoksin..Hanuman…et al

by janicefowler on January 22, 2009

Wow, the list goes on and on and on – to all who make this website possible. I’ve learned SO much. Really. So much. I hope to share my experiences to give back a little. I am definitely NOT as experienced as many people posting to Orchid or blogging on the Ganoksin blogspace….BUT, I’m ‘me’ and I believe that sharing my own experiences may speak to someone, so this is my way of giving back. 🙂

I’m sort of self-taught, although I don’t believe anyone is TOTALLY self taught. But I’ve learned mostly from the internet, books, friends online, and a few workshops here and there. Carefully selected workshops. 😉  Its been an interesting journey. Working alone, mostly at night, after my regular day job – and the kids go to bed. After baths and dinner is cleaned up. I sometimes whittle out some time in the basement, at my bench. And life is grand. 🙂 I was a couple of years into all of this before I ever saw another person actually make anything. How they hold the pliers, how they do this or that….and I can’t tell you how much I recommend taking a class, or a workshop, or finding other metalsmiths in your area. It is SO worth it.

OK, I’m rambling. But, now you know a little about me – where I’m coming from.  It might be a bumpy ride….but I hope you’ll come along, read and comment. Ask questions – I enjoy sharing. 🙂





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Hans Meevis January 23, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Glad to see you here Janice. It is as you say, an amazing site
Cheers Hans

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