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by jenibuckingham on January 13, 2009

I saw an exhibit earlier this month that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. 

“Artistic Luxury” is currently showing at the Cleveland Museum of Art and contains some of the most amazing pieces. Imagine Lalique, Faberge, Tiffany (both father and son works) all in one building. I was so excited I could hardly focus long enough to see straight when I first got there! 

The crowning moment for me was when I walked into the room where part of Lalique’s original iron gate for his booth at the 1900’s World’s Fair in France. I am really in awe of all of his work, but it had such an impressive impact on me to see something he made especially for his booth display. I know how much work I put into my own display for art shows, and this blows everything I’ve seen away. I have a book with pictures of his work and entire display, but never imagined seeing it with my own eyes. What a pleasure!

If you have the ability to see this display, I urge you to go! Artistic Luxury





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