yahoo store, what a joke, think I must be a world class sucker

by jenlane on May 7, 2009

ok for 6 months now I have wanted to start a online store for my tools the more research I did the more confused I got. after reading yahoo’s pitch seamed simple and easy. the 39 is 39 a month not a year and that gets you 5 picture and items to sell. and they also get a % and and and. OK all I ended up with was the domain name Iwanted. but when I did a a basic search for chasingtools using yahoo search nothing. ended up giving up on page 10 when all I was getting was chasing dog tails and assorted other s**t, so I link it with this site in the hope that at least some good will come of it. ow forget they get the right to withdraw money from my paypal at will. auto pay. see if you can find me. I did up a very nice first page but in the end it overlaped on the text to many ways so many times that even my contact info could not be read.




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