by jenlane on January 10, 2010

ON THE MOVE AGAIN well it breaks my heart but I am leaving the keys. just the thought has me in tears but I can’t keep the bills paid and no real services for the handicapped. they took my drivers license and have to jump though all this red tape but, where there is wheels There is a way. and i have no shortage of wheels.. this week I get new braces and a walker. new challenge is learning how to walk with legs that don’t work. the trick is shifting my hip to move my leg and the braces keep me up that and hold on to the walker. can’t wait try ed practising with out braces and landed on my back side. then i fell out of bed trying to get into my wheelchair this morning. boy can i hear it now on Wednesday. how the ********&^^% those bruises. ya my doc can cuss like a sailor and he has a temper. he is the best and he is the only man on earth who can get away with yelling at me. I will miss him. how many people can say there doctor was the king of key west fantasy fest. only in the keys.I was very privileged to have had him taking care of me and my family. can you say that you have your doctors cell no#and he will come to your side night or day and stay with you even when all he can do is hold your hand or buy your med’s one month when you can’t. that is my doctor, i know i will never find another like him. To bad he is gay i have always had a crush on him. How come most of the really good men are gay? well my new temporary home will be some where in Brevard county around the spacecoast. looking for a long term residence but can’t do that long distance. adjusting from island life will not be easy. but no way can I afford to be near the water. but at least i will be able to spend more time on working. my next place will have a nice work shop. i may not make much money but the work feeds my soul.



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