2010 Craft Show Schedule Advice Needed

by KMJewelryStudio on January 9, 2010

I'm planning out my 2010 show schedule. I work at my "real job" four days a week and will be taking one class (3 hrs twice a week).   My class runs from the end of January to the beginning of May. I am starting to wonder, how many shows should I do?

 I will have approximately two-three days/ week to work on jewelry (plus evenings, but I shouldn't depend on them). If I stretch my show season from May to November- what would be a reasonable amount of shows to do?   I'm thinking two shows a month will keep me very busy, yet still allow me to enjoy my summer a bit.

How many shows do you do a year?  What kind of schedule do you have as far as studio time goes?  And how much inventory do you plan to have for each show?

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