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by larryseiger on February 27, 2010

I’m all excited to start blogging agian.  My only problem is that I can’t upload or add images.  So, I’ll have to be satisfied with short posts until I get the problem solved.

I met with my good friend, Mason Cutchin, of J Mason Custom Jeweler, yesterday for lunch.  Mason is an awesome goldsmith and recently opened his own retail location in Chapel Hill, just off HWY 54 near 15-501.  He has a couple of small showcases, but his focus is custom work.  He has some really beautiful loose gems on display, some pearls and shots of previous work along with sketches of past projects.  As soon as I can upload photos, I’ll send some shots of his bench and workspace.  A couple of photos of his bench were published in Charles Lewton-Brain’s Orchid In Print series book, The Jeweler’s Bench Book.  (more info @–Orchid-in-Print-Vol-2–benchbook) The addition of his bench was just a taste of Mason’s attempt to create an efficient and unique workspace.  Really bummed that I couldn’t include photos of his shop…

Tonight my wife and I have been invited to a “make your own curry” event at a mutual friends home. Evidently there is a plan to turn this into a business.  It’s going to be interesting.  I’ll report back and hopefully be able to SHARE SOME PHOTOS!




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