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by laurie jane kern on April 11, 2009

A few weeks ago I started three silver pendants. Why three? I have no idea but it certainly bit me in the butt.

I have always been a project “singleton”. That in the sewing world means “one project at one time” and it even implies that you don’t buy fabric or patterns en-mass with the decision to put it on the list. The list just gets bigger and bigger and you never seem to get to that project as a new purchase takes priority.

Thus doing THREE projects at once was a bit daring for me and I guess I will not do that for a while.

Any-who-ha, after I finished the silver mounts, they were put away, because I had promised to do some sewing for a friend. During this sewing time, the mounts were put into the vibratory tumbler and were made nice and sparkly.

A week or so ago, I set up the “workshop” again.  I then pulled the cabs and silver out of the storage box and got down to setting the stones. On one, the bezel had shifted (take that to mean, I bent it out of shape) during soldering and now the cab would not fit. Back to the flat lap to correct that issue. I then ground it a bit too small and now have a nice dimple in the bezel.

For the second cab, I discovered that part of the bezel was not even soldered! Back to the torch, pickle and virbra-ora-tory-ium for that one!

The third fit, thank goodness.

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Anne Bellissimo April 14, 2009 at 3:46 am

Another aspiring silversmith here…It sounds as if 3 was a pretty good number: One worked. Yay!

Michael Johnson April 13, 2009 at 7:33 am

Your link goes to somewhere inside your wordpress account. :o)

I like to have several projects going at once too. That way I have something to do while part of one is in the acid etching, or in the pickle.

Be careful lapping a stone to fit. Try to leave room to bring down the size further with the small grits. I cut my stones to fit 90% of the time; metal first, and then cut to fit. But, you have to be aware of how much the laps will take off and how soft the stone is that you are working with. :o)

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