How would you rate your skill level?

by laurie jane kern on May 30, 2009

I have been on my forced hiatus, allowing my shoulder to heal. I have also been reading the on-going discussion about how people classify themselves, in Identity Crisis here in the forums.  But how would you rate your skills? How would others rate your skills? [For background on this post, I suggest you read this entry on  The Dreyfrus Model of Skills Acquisition. ]

At the day job, we were talking about interviews and how when asked people rate their skill based upon their last job. The lead architect on the project proceeded to talk about the Dreyfus Model and sent us this link above. I read the entry and there are other similar blog posts and links as well, and then I thought about how I learn and it made me wonder……

How do other members of Ganoksin project (you in the plural) rate themselves in their skill level?

Here is how I would rate myself?

Sewing: Proficient moving to Expert.  I can sew amazing things, I can take an idea and redo it but IMHO, to be an expert you are designing your own clothing line.

Cab Making: Advanced Beginner. I know how to make then but there are wayyyyy to many questions that I have about the various aspects of it.  Don’t you?

Silversmith: Novice/Beginner. Again there are sooo many things to learn. I do agree that we all have/want a speciality, and you can be a Master in one and a Novice in another. But since I have only been at this since January I would say I am novice at all of it!!

I could go on and on about my other interests: Cooking, Knitting, Tap Dancing. Then there is the day job/professional aspect, which is a whole ‘nother book.


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