She’s baaaaaccccckkkkkk

by laurie jane kern on June 10, 2009

…. well almost

It has been two weeks since my shoulder surgery. I only had minor tear in the rotator cuff but a rather large bone spur which the doc removed. The bone really hurts. I can’t do any soldering at the moment, since lifting my arm is rather painful.

My brain is buzzing with ideas but my arm just won’t cooperate.

So what’s a girl to do?
…..Sit in a chair and document all the work I have done over the past few months!

Right before the surgery, I did anticipate this and I took lots of pictures. These are now taped to a worksheet
where I can write out instructions for making the piece in question. Surgery was done on my right arm but I am left handed!

I am writing out gauges, inches and weight of silver used, and the steps to make the item AND in some cases, when I wrote it down, how long it took to make the items.

I start physical therapy this week so it will be back to the saw and torch soon!

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Helen Hill June 11, 2009 at 2:09 pm

Here’s to a speedy recovery! All the best, and make sure you document any ideas you have in the meantime.
Helen Hill

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