Bench Tips #2 – Creating Tools and Equipment from Household Items

by laurie jane kern on June 23, 2009

This post, and the posts yet to come are what I have converted as a result of making jump rings en-mass.

But before that, a quick update on the shoulder. Ouch!, the PT is now in the third week and with each session I can raise and move my arm more BUT boy does it hurt.  I am also very tired so not much silver work yet. I can solder about 3 jump rings and then I have to stop.

And now for the rest of this post….
Using Liquid Soap as a lubricant:
I use the pump of the container to dispensing a thin line of the soap in the groove where the blade  meets the coil. All coil cutters need a lubricant as this prevents the saw from binding with the coil and to also dissapate the heat generated during the cutting.

Why do you think you use bee’s wax when using a hand saw. But when using a hand saw, you want the lube to stick to the saw blade and not drip.

When using a coil cutter, the dripping is not as much of an issue. Be warned that the soap will foam a bit which is result of the spinning blade also introducing some air into the mix BUT the soap does trap the silver dust and helps to keep it from flying everywhere as well. Afterwards the soap washes away easily so clean up is faster.

I also use the soap for drawing chains, especially the loop-in-loop and Viking knit, through a sizing draw plate. I use a delrin plate, again from Dave Arnes but this would work in the hard wood draw plate as well. I have not tried this (yet) for pulling wire.

Personally In either case, I like the cucumber fragrance as it is not over powering as some of the florals.

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