Building on Learned Skills

by laurie jane kern on August 7, 2009

Last week I finished the third project in the Jewelry (home course) book and once again my mind is thinking beyond the basic skill and form taught.

How? – The project was for a copper planished bangle (it is really a cuff, but that’s a minor point). So why not make it out of silver?  

OR why not do some etching, engraving or cut outs? Having read the book, several times over already, these other skills are covered in later project. And these upcomming skills are some I have not even tried yet!

I can even see a bezel set stone on the cuff.

Thus my task(s) for this weekend are to make the cuff out of silver – maybe two even, and one or two more out of copper.  Then I am going to look at my stash of cabs and do a bezel set on at least one cuff.

Of course pictures will follow!

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