Getting my (silver) ducks in a row

by laurie jane kern on August 14, 2009

Just my luck that last week I make a post to the forum about where to learn silver/metalsmithing, when it is time for the summer break!  O.K. no big deal, I will follow up on this after the list resumes.

And this Satuday I am taking the Rolling Mill class down at Jay Whaley Studios in San Diego and I had emailed Terri to find out if I could bring my scrap silver since we were going to be learning who to recycle scrap, pour ingots and then make wire and sheet on the rolling mill.

But fortunatly, for me,  Terri down at Jay Waley Studios had read my post. Not only did she say that I could bring my scrap to work on BUT that in response to my post, I should talk to Jay about what I want to do.  I responded by saying that I had took at what Jay was offering but since I had not seen sessions devoted to metalsmithing, well … I assumed (wrong of course). Terri said that Jay will be offering more classes/workshops at his studio and that IF I DID NOT ASK HOW WAS I TO KNOW what was or was not possible to do. [yes, just keep going duh!]

I just can’t wait for tomorrow…

In the mean time, I have ordered some books one being “Copper Work: An Illustrated Textbook for Teachers and Students in the Manual Arts” by Augustus F. Rose and published in 1909 I might add.  I found it on Google Books (I love Google Books as most times I can preview a book before buying it) and I bought it at Alibris, since you can see the quality, published date, edition and where it is being shipped from preferably out of state if you want to avoid sale tax! I also ordered a few other books about metal and silver smithing… once they arrive I will add them to my Resources page.

If you know of a book that you want to recommend, please let me know!  And in the mean time, I have more projects from the book to do.

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