A Handful of Hammers

by laurie jane kern on November 1, 2009

If its a gaggle of geese, a herd of cows, a pod of porpoises; what would a handful of hammers be??

My Hammers have finally arrived.

After my class with Deb (read the post Spoon-erism’s) I asked about an initial set of hammers to purchase and Deb sent back a list of 5 hammers: 1 planishing;  1 raising; and 3 sinking/forming hammers in a large, medium and small size.  I have put links to all 5 at the bottom of the post if you are interested.

I did some checking around on the web and Rio (where the links point to) really did have the best prices so I decided to bite the bullet and get them all at once. Then I thought that since Mary was in the class too; that she might want some hammers as well and this way we could get a quantity break (yes, there was quantity break when you bought TWO) and also save on shipping.

It took several days of emails back and forth to finalize what we both wanted as we also went for 2 of the large sandbags as these are useful for sinking. Unfortunately several of the hammers were on backorder. Two of the three hammers plus the sandbags arrived last weekend but the smaller sinking hammers were the ones on backorder.

And the remaining hammers arrived yesterday – I can now start whaling on some metal. And this leads me to the next part – projects. I will take some more classes with Deb, that is a given. But to give me practice in between those sessions I have bought the book “The Craft of Silversmithing” by Alex Austin.  The projects in the book work you through forging to sinking and raising.   I will be doing many of the projects in copper the first time for practice. This is so when I really mess up with odd placed ding’s or scratches I don’t have to worry about it.


For a list of collective nouns look here:


For the hammers from Rio look here:

this is the raising hammer that is the largest one:


this is the forming hammer that is the largest one:


this is the forming hammer that is the medium size :


this is the smallest sinking (forming) hammer:


this is the planishing hammer :


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Jerry Fowler November 2, 2009 at 8:31 am

One can never have to many hammers can they? I hope not because I’m a sucker for every hammer I see. I pick them up at yard sales, estate sales, supply stores, antique stores, junk stores, well just about anywhere even the side of the road. They are such useful tools and can be modified so easily. Have fun with your new friends.

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