Sew What! (and the call of the pitch pot)

by laurie jane kern on December 21, 2009

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about taking a break from the metal work and how I was going to sew a quilt like I usually do around the end of the year.  I did take down and put away my jewelry/smithing studio which really is my sewing area. I had to do this so I could work on a quilt that has been waiting for my attention for several months. I put all my tools and supplies in the tool boxes. I took all the layers of butcher paper off the sewing table and wiped everything down and then I set up the sewing machine.  I also cleared off my large rolling cutting table; laid out my cutting matt, rotary cutter, quilt pattern and my fabrics.

Then December 5th and 6th came around and I was in the Chasing & Repousse workshop with Nancy Megan Corwin.

The following weekend, December 12th & 13th; I spent about 3 hours on Saturday cutting my fabrics and then I spent another two hours sewing the initial fabric strips together. Sunday afternoon was taken up with cutting these strips into triangles which would be sewn into squares.

Monday rolled around and I found I did not want to sew and what I really wanted to do was play with my pitch pot and try to do some repousse.

I felt as if I had betrayed my sewing machine!

I have this problem – I believe that if you start something you should finish it; I honor my commitments. I think it has only been once that I did not finish a book, When reading – you finish the book, no matter how bad it is! Trust me there have been some really really bad books that I have read. I start a quilt, I finish it and if I don’t like it, I give it to someone who does.

Monday night, after work, I confessed to my husband –  I don’t want to sew. He said it was ok to put the quilt away and that these things happen, but I still felt guilty. After dinner I went up to my office, poured myself a nice glass of single malt and proceeded to stack everything up and I put the quilt pattern, uncut material and cut material into a tote and put it into the closet (where I did not have to look at it).

I closed the closet door.

Lightening did not strike the house or me.

The world did not end! (I am not a bad person)

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