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by laurie jane kern on March 2, 2010

My journey continues and along the way I am finding some very helpful people.

Deb continues to answer my many emails with advice and feedback on my progress.  I have connected with other metal smiths – I read their blogs, only to find out they read mine too!

Then, after my NMC chasing and repousse class, I worked on the swirl bowl. I had blogged about working on bowl that I had actually made. NMC then wrote back and located a source of spun copper bowls for me; this was so I could practice and no worry about making a mistake on form I had spent hours making [that’s reserved for when you are more confident].

I did nothing with this information, for several weeks – almost a month to be exact.

Today I called Joan Schlaifer as Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies, she was sooo helpful. I ordered some copper circles, ovals, a few low height trays and I asked about some forms that she did not have listed but I knew existed from a wholesaler. Joan told me that she could get them but it would take a few week. Hey, a few weeks I can live with vs. not getting them at all.

So this is a sort of “Pay it Forward” post – If you need some copper blanks, shapes or (spun/stamped) copper surfaces at a great price; OR you do enameling PLEASE Call JOAN!!!

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