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by laurie jane kern on March 31, 2010

First – I have not set up the rolling mill – YET!

Between work, class on monday nights, a class at Farrin O’ last saturday and a raising class this saturday with deb.  Not much else gets done.

Well this is what happens.

The rolling mill just sits there looking rather forlorn, still in the plastic wrapper, in the hall way, quietly cooing: “Ohh, I know you want to turn my gears!”

Actually it says: “Here I am are you going to ignore me for-EVER!” as I stub my toe on it!

So I have to:

  1. Post pictures from the cuttle bone casting class (last weekend)
  2. Post pictures of my new forged pin and earrings – I’m thinking of calling it  Glacier
  3. Post pictures of the item I am raising and will be working on with deb – this saturday
  4. Get the rolling mill set up [still no name has come to me]
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