by laurie jane kern on April 4, 2010

OH – MY- GOSH! WEeeeeeee – a real roller, I felt like I was on a boat!

We just had a big earthquake and it shook for a long time!

It was a 6.9 down in Baja  – That’s 150 miles from here but you could tell by the duration of the rolling and shaking that this was no small event. There was a gradual lead in where you just felt things vibrate, then the rolling and movement but no hard shaking and finally another long drawn out vibration. The chotchkies of Wallace & Gromit on my desk did fall over ;=)

You can see the details from the USGS are here – at the bottom of the map is a big square representing the size. The color changes from Red (within the hour of the event) to blue and yellow as time passes.

And look there was a good sized one north of the bay area.

So if you click on the square, you can find out more about it, if you are into this sort of thing.

So, who else felt it??

[Updated at 10:00 pm : the quake has been upgraded to a 7.2 and there have been all sort of after shocks and associated earthquakes since then. It is almost as good as being at Disneyland]

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