The Apple of My Eye

by laurie jane kern on April 4, 2010

Yesterday I had busy plans for my self. I was going to anneal a bunch of copper and get it in the pickle; work on my large vessel; put up pictures of the cuttle casting class last week; and more.


I was also waiting for my iPad to arrive. [yes I am an “apple fanboy” – if a girl can be one]. I am a geek, tech head, and so much more. I even write software for fun! So when they went on sale I did pre-order one the first day.

All week I have been tracking the package via UPS [they gave very few updates] and yesterday morning it was listed as being in Ontario California where UPS lands their planes for the region. This is 60+ miles from where I live. The iPad was going to arrive sometime during the day – YIPEEEE. And thus the various little tasks I was going to do to keep myself occupied.

The door bell rang at 10:30 am while I was having my first cuppa coffee and thus nothing else got done for the remainder of the day. IT was iPad all day and until 1:00 am this morning.


I am now off to do the annealing I did not do yesterday and I will hopefully get a post up this week on the cuttle casting class.

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