Ripples Vessel

by laurie jane kern on May 9, 2010

Height –
varies from 4″ to 5″
Diameter – 2″ at the base, 6″ at the rim

Edge of Ripples

List of Materials:
12″ diameter 18 gauge copper disk
quenching water

List of Tools:
2 T-Stakes
2 Raising hammers
1 Planishing hammer
Brass brush
2 buckets- at least 9″ deep and 12″ in diameter – one for the quenching water, one for the pickle

2) Anneal
3) Clean
4) repeat from item one as many times as required to get desired shape
5) Planish
6) File edges
7) Polish

Estimated Time to Complete:
Who knows – depends on what you are making.

Actual time:
18 hours of hammering over 8 weeks. This does not include the annealing and cleaning time. Oh and lets not forget the time asking Deb questions.

For more pictures follow this link to Kernology [the link will open a new window, as usual]

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Jerry Fowler May 10, 2010 at 5:18 pm

Very nice work! I always enjoy reading your blog, so thanks for the adventures in fine metalsmithing.

Luba May 10, 2010 at 3:18 am

Thanks for sharing, sounds interesting.

Please visit my jewelry blog-

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