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by laurie jane kern on May 11, 2010

This is a open call for students who still want to attend Metals Week at the Idyllwild Summer Arts Program in Idyllwild California.

Metals Week is from June 27 through July 1, 2010


Deb, my metals mentor, organizes and is one of the instructors at this wonderful event. Last night, during class while she was reviewing my Ripples Vessel; Deb mentioned that there were still spaces available and would I be so kind as to give it a shout out on my blog.

So here we are!

I was going to write about all the advantages of taking not only a class but immersing yourself for an entire week BUT Wendy at Hammermarks has just written a post about the advantages and extra benefits of taking a class – use this link to read about it.

Now that you understand the benefits of taking a class, let me tell you about the classes and teachers for this year at Metals Week:

  • Etching – Deborah E. Love Jemmott
  • Forging Neck Collars, Pendants & Slides – Fred Zweig
  • Resin Inlay – Karen Christians
  • Sculpted Bezels & Non-Traditional Stone Settings – Pauline Warg
  • Trapping Found Objects – Joanna Gollberg
  • Tool Making & Alterations – Val Link


  • An exhibition of faculty work at the Parks Exhibition Center with an opening reception on Monday evening
  • A Faculty slide show and lecture
  • A potluck dinner where you can visit with the instructors and the other students enrolled in Metals Week
  • An end-of-the-week student exhibition where all the work produced during the week will be displayed

Each day the schedule is as follows:
9-Noon                Workshop
Noon-1pm           Lunch
1-4 pm                Workshop
4:30-5:30pm       Inter-class Open Studios
Evenings              Lectures, Activities, Etc.

As for where to stay and eat, you can either make arrangements to stay in a dorm room on campus or stay in town and lunch is provided each day as part of the tuition and you can also purchase a meal plan to cover breakfast and dinner if you don’t want to fend for yourself.

Think of it – a week of classes, events and smoozing with some amazing teachers and fellow students will be there. I know for a fact that several other Southern California metal artists  (I use that term to encompass a wide variety of materials and methods) will be there.

Beside you would get to meet ME, this is my blog after all! [BTW, I will be in the tools class]

Use this link to read all about it at their website. You can also download the Adult Course Catalog and registration form from the site. IF you have questions you can call 951-659-2171 x2365 and speak to Diane Dennis who is the Registrar for the summer program.

Hope to see you there!

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